Junior Classes

Learn good tennis technique from a young age –

For children, we run beginner, improver, and advanced lessons at each age group –

Tiny Tennis

These classes, for children in p1 & p2, make tennis fun for young children while helping them develop coordination.

Mini Tennis

Mini tennis, for children p3-p5, uses large slow bouncing ‘Red’ balls on a small court to help children develop good technique at a young age. We have four mini tennis courts marked out on court three.

Mid Tennis

Children in p6 & p7 typically move to play tennis on a full-sized court with mid-balls. (mini tennis orange/green)

Junior Tennis

Once children have developed their skills sufficiently they move to play with normal (yellow) tennis balls in our junior classes.

Junior classes take place, Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings, at Wallace Park Indoor Tennis Centre, in small groups of six to eight players.

The cost is based on £7 per week and classes are paid for in blocks of seven to ten weeks.